Rule Changers Rise!

March 9 - 11 2020 | An Instagram Campaign

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It’s time that we ditch the “rules” that dim our light.
And realize that the power to change them has been and always will be within us.

No More Silencing Our Voices

No More Dimming Our True Desires

No More Adapting to Self-Imposing & Societally Imposed Rules

As leaders of our life and CEO’s of our business, it is within our power (and literally our job description) to craft our own rules.

So, from March 9 - 11, we’re rallying together for an Instagram revolution where we will gather online to lay down
rules that are out of alignment with our truth and step into our infinite power to craft new ones.
I'm In!

We’ll write down our old rule, cross it out, and publicly declare our new one.
Then, we’ll post the picture to Instagram & use the hashtag #rulechangersrise.

Together, we will disrupt the lie that says we are powerless.
We will break off fear and insecurity as we rise up tall and embody our true power.
We’ll show up with newfound confidence, bravery, and boldness as a community.

Are You In?

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Post with the hashtag #rulechangersrise
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March 9 - 11! It’s go time! You’ll write down your old rule, cross it out, and
write down you NEW one & post to Instagram. Tag a friend, and we can step into our power together!

Encourage & meet new friends

Once you post, be sure to scroll through the hashtag and meet some new
peeps! Comment on other people’s posts,
see them rising in their power, and speak some life into them.

Get excited for what’s next + Join The Awakening

Take everything you’ve experienced here to an even deeper level inside The Awakening. Doors will open at the end of the campaign!
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