Pep Talks

Release the heaviness. Make room for more JOY

“Busy” does not make you successful

You are the FIERCE protector of your heart


Embracing change: a lesson from the Fall season


This is your hub for the Monday pep talks. These will be focused on our monthly theme and will be no longer than ten minutes in length - perfect for your morning routine or drive to work! They are meant to be used on Monday’s and designed to lead you to be inspired, motivated, and reminded of your divine purpose as we enter into a brand new week. Each pep talk will end with our weekly challenge. These will be small, meaningful actions you can take throughout your week, a thought to fixate on for the week, or something to respond to via your journal. These pep talks will be sure to leave you feeling more grounded, at ease, and inspired.

Pep Talks Archive

Creating powerful transformation - one small shift at a time

Your WORTH is completely separate from your WORK

How you spend your TIME is how you spend your LIFE


The work you’re AVOIDING is where the BREAKTHROUGH is


Making an ACTIVE Choice to Stay Grounded

Redefining Balance in Life + Business

Staying the Course when Things get Tough

Moving WITH What You Need Each Day

A 5-Minute Grounding Meditation

Moving through DEEP self trust

Choosing yourself in every moment

Implementing Aligned Systems, routines, and structures

Honoring your emotional state