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Own Your Time

In this workshop, we’re covering how to set up your days for success. We’re deep-diving into the structure, strategy, and routines that will help you own your time, scale your growth, and up-level your business.

The most exciting part is that this ALL begins by taking ownership of the time you have every single day. When you become strategic, intentional, and protective of your time, you will propel your growth personally + professionally.

Dawn of the Soul

In this workshop, we’re discussing how you can craft a unique self-awareness practice that supports your wellbeing, desires, and goals. We’ll cover what it looks like to create a morning routine that feels good, easy, and exciting and actually sets you up for increased productivity, stamina, & creative energy in your day.

The beauty of this workshop is that YOU get to craft a practice and routine that is customized to YOU and your needs. & It’s not only going to massively support your wellbeing, but it’s going to enable you to up-level in your work.

Purposeful Planning

In this workshop, I’ll be sharing not only how you can break down your goals, but actually follow through with them. We’re going to cover how you can set your months, weeks, and days up for success by planning, organizing, and integrating self-serving daily routines that support you in meeting your goals. I’ll be giving you a look into my bullet-journaling system as well as sharing how you can integrate a system that specifically works for you and your unique goals.

Soulful Instagram Workshop

In this workshop, I’ll be sharing how you can craft a soulful Instagram strategy that feels good, produces results, and drives profit. We’re going to de-bunk the myths about what a successful Instagram strategy looks like, replace busy-work and mindless scrolling with needle-moving tasks, and put a strategy in place that you can manage long-term (aka one that is aligned, feels good, but is extremely strategic).