A framework & community to help you own your CEO role & increase your income & impact

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Clarify Your Vision

Implement a Strategic Plan

Increase Your Income

In the Awakening, you'll be led to...

Clarify Your Vision

Silence the noise. Trust your intuition. And learn how to think, move, and strategize as the CEO of your business.

Implement a Strategic Plan

Break down your big goals into a strategic step by step plan that moves the needle and generates profit.

Increase Your Income

Sit down at your desk every day knowing *exactly* what needs to be done in order to increase your income + impact.
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Inside The Awakening, you will be empowered...

to go from feeling...

Overwhelmed by all the big ideas, grand visions, and wild dreams in your heart

Lost in all the noise around how you “should” structure, craft, & run your business

Stuck in analysis paralysis and holding yourself back from taking action

Exhausted by all the busy work that’s not truly moving the needle

In a constant state of burnout and disappointment

To being...

Crystal clear on how to transform your ideas into a strategic, step by step plan

Confident in how to put your strengths and values at the forefront of your business

Aware of *exactly* how to follow through on your goals 

Able to fill your days with work that moves the needle & generates profit

Energized by the work you’re doing & the sustainable systems you have in place

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    Discover how the Awakening has helped women like you own their CEO role and directly increase their income and impact...

    Meet Ellen, an artist & designer who booked ten dream clients in less than two months & opened her first retail store as a member of The Awakening.
    Meet Alesia, a podcast manager who went from making $0 to hitting $2,500 months within just TWO months of being in The Awakening.
    Meet Joelle, a coach who has owned her CEO role, leaned into her strengths, & maximized her workflows as a member of The Awakening.
    Meet Ashleigh, a Social Media Manager who created an actionable & implementable plan via The Awakening Framework that enabled her to BOOK OUT before ever publicly launching her business.
    Meet Tierney, a virtual interior designer & mom of three boys, who was able to make her first online sale as a member of The Awakening.

    Meet Susie, a mindset coach who secured 3 clients, nearly sold out her first virtual workshop, & streamlined her day-to-day operations in her FIRST month inside The Awakening.
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    What Makes The Awakening Different From Anything Else?

    Here’s the deal:

    The Awakening combines strategy, structure, and high level support in a way that is
    unlike any other program on the internet. 

    It acts as your framework (via the curriculum), your structure (via spreadsheet systems), your soundboard
    (via the private group), your networking space (hello collabs, hires, & new clients), and your community
    (to strategize + become besties with). 

    Awakener, Rachel C., said it best: “The Awakening is by far the most involved and genuine community I’ve ever
    been a part of. It’s really something special.”
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    A Glimpse Inside the Space

    Every single tool, resource, and training in the space is crafted to go deep and create impact. Tools like:

    The Framework

    is where you'll find a guided path to owning your CEO role so you can increase your income and impact without burning out (It's online course style - including videos and PowerPoints for you to watch).

    Monthly Guided Journals

    where you will be guided to exercise CEO self-trust as you show up to build, grow, and expand your business.

    The Private Community

    This is where you'll have access to group coaching calls, Q&A hot seat calls, weekly challenges, and group support and accountability.

    Monthly Group Coaching

    with Ashton inside the private community space.


    What's the investment?

    What is lack of strategy and structure costing you? How many deeply aligned opportunities are passing you by as you’re lost in the external noise? How much of your energy is being wasted on things that aren’t actually creating momentum for your business? A lack of strategic planning + awareness may already be costing you a lot.

    The monthly investment is $59, and the yearly investment is $597.

    Why a Monthly Membership?

    After years of putting in the work myself - and working with members of The Awakening - I know that owning your CEO role and increasing your income and impact is a constant journey. My aim is to give women ongoing support through every step of the journey as they grow, rather than giving them a "quick fix."

    This format creates a space where you can be deeply supported every step of the way.

    Can I join for Just a Month?

    Absolutely! If you’re like most members though, you’ll quickly come to reap the rewards of the deep support provided daily alongside the community of women who are in this with you as you dive into the resources provided.

    I'm already so busy! How much time is required?

    Because I am the LAST person to glorify the hustle and pointless productivity, The Awakening is NOT a space that wastes your time. Each resource inside has been intentionally crafted to lead you to those big shifts, results, and breakthroughs. Because of the membership format, you really get to integrate this program into your life in the way that best serves YOU.

    Although The Awakening DOES require a time commitment, that time commitment is up to YOU.

    Join for a month!

    pssst...You may never want to leave!


    Access to The Framework

    Monthly Guided Journals

    Access to the Private Community

    Access to Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

    Access to Workshops



    Access to The Framework

    Monthly Guided Journals

    Access to the Private Community

    Access to Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

    Access to Workshops