A Framework & Community to Help You Craft Your Life + Business with Deep Intention

Reclaim Your Power | Connect With Your Truest Self | Implement Aligned Systems & Routines

In The Awakening, you will be led to...

Reclaim your power as the conscious CREATOR of your reality, the CEO of your business, and the LEADER of your life. Start taking radical ownership of your Self, goals, and dreams and watch as your entire life is TRANSFORMED.

Connect with your truest self and learn how to move in life and business from a place of deep AWARENESS, profound SELF-TRUST, and radical CONFIDENCE. From the sacred space of heart-connection, you will be able to experience maintainable, sustainable, and scalable GROWTH.

Implement aligned systems and routines into your life and business that are CUSTOMIZED to your true identity, innate strengths, and natural rhythms. Start working WITH your energy daily in order to experience long-term growth personally and professionally.

Discover how the Awakening has helped women like you reclaim their power to do life + business the way they deeply want to…

Meet Ellen Walker, a designer and shop owner who has skyrocketed her confidence and crushed her goals as a member of The Awakening.

Meet Alexis Drolet, a jewelry shop owner who has learned to disrupt the hustle & slow down enough to check in with her heart every single day as a member of The Awakening.

Meet Molly Lorenzi, a woman who has found extraordinary balance and intentional structure for her life as a member of The Awakening.

Meet Jen Davis, a branding designer who has detached her worth from her work & learned how to lean into what her heart is saying as a member of The Awakening.

Meet Ashleigh Henry, a holistic health advocate who has found a guided path for growth and deep heart work as a member of The Awakening.

Meet Jess Sauer, a photographer who has found a path to prioritizing time and space in her life for intentionally showing up for herself as a member of The Awakening.

Inside The Awakening, you will be empowered...

To go from being...

Disconnected from your true desires, visions, and goals
Exhausted from trying to do more, be more, & achieve more ASAP
In a constant state of shame as a result of not being able to “do it all”
Overwhelmed by work that is draining the life out of you rather than fueling you
Isolated as you face the messy, every day realities of being human

What Makes The Awakening Different From Anything Else?

Here’s the deal: no one can possibly tell you what is right for you, your life, and your business. Only you can decide that.

Unlike many programs that add to the noise in your life, we do things a little differently. 

You will not be told what you “should” do, how you “should” feel, or how you “need to” run your life and business (according to someone else’s rules, opinions, and ideas). 

Rather, you will be led to take back your power to choose for yourself.

A Glimpse Inside the Space


The Awakening is intentionally designed to reduce the external noise and increase your awareness, connection, and trust with that internal voice

This means that every single tool, resource, and training in the space is crafted to go deep and create impact. Tools like:

The Awakening Framework is where you will find a guided path to implementing systems, routines, and practices that deeply support the way you want to do life and business. (This includes videos for guidance + follow-up prompts so you can dive in deeper after the trainings).

Weekly pep talks with Ashton - so you can start your week feeling grounded, inspired, and motivated.

Monthly guided journals - all centered around our monthly theme - where you will be guided to explore the sacred space of heart-connection.

Access to our private community - where you will have the permission to come as you are as you move through this work, dive into the weekly challenges, + receive deep support from other women.

Access to bi-weekly group coaching sessions with Ashton inside the private community space.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much is lack of self-connection costing you? How many deeply aligned opportunities are passing you by as you’re lost in the external noise? How much of your energy is being lost because of shame, isolation, and exhaustion? Does your life and business deeply support your humanity? A lack of intentional, internal connection may already be costing you a lot.

The monthly investment is $49, and the yearly investment is $497.

After years of putting in the work myself - and with members inside The Awakening - I know cultivating a relationship with yourself, developing deep self-trust, and diving into personal growth is a daily process. And my aim is to support women through this experience - rather than providing a step by step strategy for a “quick fix.” This format creates a space where you can be deeply supported through every step of the journey as you focus on steady and purposeful growth.

Absolutely! If you’re like most members though, you’ll quickly come to reap the rewards of the deep support provided daily alongside the community of women who are in this with you as you dive into the resources provided.

Because I am the LAST person to glorify the hustle and pointless productivity, The Awakening is NOT a space that wastes your time. Each resource inside has been intentionally crafted to lead you to those big shifts, results, and breakthroughs. (Experiencing a HUGE shift doesn't have to take a LONG time). Because of the membership format, you really get to integrate this program into your life in the way that best SERVES YOU. 

Although The Awakening DOES require a time commitment, that time commitment is up to YOU.

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