A 3-day challenge to help you:

Show up 

Take bold action

Create your fully alive life

Starting on Monday, October 28

This is your official invitation to get out of your own way and let “someday” be TODAY.


✨Three days.

✨Three workshops.

✨Follow up exercises.

✨1-on-1 support.

In the Embody Your Power challenge, you’ll learn to:


 Come out of hiding - No more waiting for things to feel less scary, watching other women from the sidelines, constantly saying “one day,” and believing that you aren’t good enough. Instead, you’re going to rise in radical confidence. 

Take ownership of YOU - Your life, business, boundaries, and success. 

 Stand in your rightful position as conscious creator of your reality, leader of your life, and CEO of your business.

 Build your business with profound self-trust - No longer utilizing every “proven strategy, how-to guide, or life-hack” that comes along. Instead, you’ll learn to build your business around YOU - your authentic identity, unique strengths, and natural rhythms. 

 Leverage your time and integrate powerful daily routines that move the needle, generate profit, and propel your growth.

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Show up, take bold action, Create your fully alive life

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