I help creative, ambitious women connect with their inner-voice so they can create a life that serves their needs and a business that supports their dreams. 

Inside The Awakening, you will be able to move with a deeper level of confidence, clarity, and power than ever before - the kind that completely transforms your life and up levels your business.

Here’s the deal: there is a lot of noise surrounding us daily. And as a result, it’s easy to think that the answers we’re searching for are outside of us, sold for a price, or found at a one-stop-shop. They aren’t.


When you stand in your power as the CEO of your business and the LEADER of your life, your entire world is TRANSFORMED. 

Your life EXPANDS. Your business GROWS. 

The world needs you to stand in this power so you can fully embrace what you’re meant to do, build, and be

It’s time, sister.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Ashton.

I’m a coach, writer, and space holder for women who are ready to take radical ownership of their life and create the reality they’ve always craved. 

I’m a fan of wild, post-dinner dance parties (give me food, and my automatic response is dancing - just ask my husband). I love good coffee and make it my mission to visit at least one local coffee shop in every city I visit. I’m passionate about breaking up the highlight reel and sharing the raw, real behind the scenes of my life. 

In sharing my humanity, I hope to make others feel seen, known, and loved in the midst of theirs. Lastly, I’m fully convinced that you are here with extraordinary purpose, and when you find the confidence within you to live it out, you’ll change the world. 


Let’s speed date:

-Favorite color: right now, yellow (I can’t fully commit to just one)

-Morning or night person: morning all the way, baby

-Favorite coffee: vanilla latte (basic? I know)

-Traveled to last: Italy, and it was beautiful

-Introvert or extrovert: introvert, for sure

-Beer or wine: wine (give me a good Cabernet, & I’m set)

-Latest lesson: prioritizing REST makes you more productive long-term


Create a life that makes you come alive

 Silence the noise  Trust your intuition  Reach your goals
Silence the noise 

Trust your intuition 

Reach your goals