What women are saying about The Awakening

Ellen - Artist, Designer, + Shop Owner

“I am trusting the process, I’m actually hitting my goals, and I’m feeling a whole new depth of worthiness and confidence.”

Ashleigh Henry - Social Media Strategiest + Business Owner

“I’ve been able to breathe and work through the kinks in my business that I’ve needed to work through for MONTHS and didn’t feel mentally prepared to do so. I’ve re-gained the confidence to re-work my entire business plan.”

Noèmi Olàh-Pharr 

“I put in my two weeks at my job, and it’s so liberating! I’m starting a new job and moving to a different city with my husband to further my career and our happiness. Ashton has been super inspiring in actually helping me MOVE FORWARD! Instead of staying stuck. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times.”

You have the POWER to create the life and business you CRAVE.


And the roadmap to getting there isn’t outside of you. It’s within you.

Bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be doesn’t start outside of you. 

It starts by actively standing in your power as the CEO of your business and the LEADER of your life.

The Work We Do Together

Reclaim your power as the conscious CREATOR of your reality, the CEO of your business, and the LEADER of your life. Start taking radical ownership of your Self, goals, and dreams and experience wild TRANSFORMATION in your life and business.

Connect with your truest self and learn how to move in life and business from a place of deep AWARENESS, profound SELF-TRUST, and radical CONFIDENCE. From the sacred space of heart-connection, you will be able to experience maintainable, sustainable, and scalable GROWTH.

Implement aligned systems and routines into your life and business that are CUSTOMIZED to your true identity, innate strengths, and natural rhythms. Start working WITH your energy daily in order to experience long-term growth personally and professionally.

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Standing in your power & moving with radical confidence is your birthright

But it’s up to you to actively claim it and walk it out. 

Start today + download the free guided journal below.

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Create a life that makes you come alive

 Silence the noise  Trust your intuition  Reach your goals
Silence the noise 
Trust your intuition 
Reach your goals