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It's Time to Embody Your CEO Role

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Clarify Your Voice

Implement a Strategic Plan

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Want to Create the Life and Business you Crave?

The roadmap to getting there isn’t outside of you. It’s within you.
Bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be doesn’t start outside of you.
It starts by actively standing in your power as the CEO of your business.
FREE 90 Day Profit Planner

The Work We Do Together

Clarify Your Voice

Silence the noise. Trust your intuition. And learn how to think, move, and strategize as the CEO of your business.

Implement a Strategic Plan

Break down your big goals into a strategic step by step plan that moves the needle and generates profit.

Increase Your Income

Sit down at your desk every day knowing *exactly* what needs to be done in order to increase your income + impact.
FREE 90 Day Profit Planner

Ready to strategically plan for PROFIT?

Utilize this spreadsheet system to track your progress, hit your metrics, and scale your biz. I dare you.
FREE 90 Day Profit Planner

What Others are Saying

Ellen Walker

Since working with Ashton, I’ve booked 10 dream clients in less than two months, I opened my first retail store, & my planning skills have drastically improved. 

Brittany Mallard

I am so grateful to have found you and The Awakening. It isn’t just about our businesses and sales numbers. It’s about our soul, our spirit, our being. And you can’t measure that in dollar signs.

Chase Boulineau

I’ve been actively changing my circumstances for two weeks now, and I’m ALREADY seeing the traction JUST from the things I’ve been implementing from you and The Awakening. 

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(Basically, I'm sharing all my secrets with you).